Toddler Town

Saturday, November 6th 4:30-6:00pm

This event is for our our youngest dancers currently enrolled in our Discover with Me! and DiscoverTOTS classes at Breakout Dance Studio. We’ll setup our bouncy house, tunnels, mats, jumpolene and more for our little ones to romp around on and explore!

Older siblings or buddies are not allowed in the building during Toddler Town. This is only for enrolled students and parents. Parents must be present in the studio assisting their child at all times and FAMILIES MUST RSVP by noon on Saturday TO ATTEND. Thank you!

How does Toddler Town work and what should we bring?
-This event is for our students enrolled in the Discover With Me! class, the DiscoverTOTS class and their parents/guardians.
-No siblings or buddies allowed in the building during Toddler Town.
-Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle if you like.
-Both parents are welcome to join their child for Toddler Town.
-Please no food or snacks in the studio or lobby.
-Students and parents spend the hour and a half exploring our bouncy house, tunnels, jumpolene, tents and more!