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Breakout Dance Studio is an official CLI Studios Partner Studio and the first studio in Alaska to partner up with CLI Studios! What does this mean? Well, this allows us the opportunity to give our students the experience of working with 150+ of the industry’s top choreographers in all genres of dance!
How would you like to work with tWitch, Allison Holker, Tiler Peck, Misha Gabriel, Nick Lazzarini, Kenny Wormald, Tyne Stecklein, Michael Keefe, Mel Mah, Marvelous and so much more right here in Fairbanks? We will have online classes with these choreographers for our students to attend that are included in tuition. We even have the opportunity for a live, interactive master’s class with choreographers like Teddy Forance and more!

Our instructors receive training as well from some of the industry’s top choreographers, instructors, physical therapists, and companies centered around dance like International Dance Teaching Standards, Acrobatic Arts, Sugarfoot Therapy, Jennie Morton and more! Jamie Straatsma completed the CLI Studios certification in 2019 and 2020 and is always staying on top of the industry’s latest trends and knowledge through the many training programs that CLI Studios offers! We are so grateful to have access to new content and knowledge and are learning more everyday! Come join our dance family so we can share this with you!

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