Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll online?

Here is a video tutorial that will guide you through online enrollment via our Parent Portal.

When is the best time to start dance classes?
Fall semester is the best time for students to join our studio. We focus more on building our dance technique, mastering skills, rhythm, team work and so much more in the fall semester to help prepare our dancers with the tools they need to successfully learn their dance performance routines in the spring semester. While we continue on with our dance education in the spring, much of the spring semester is dedicated to their choreography for their recital pieces they will be performing in May. It really does help new students to have an entire semester to get used to dance class, master their dance skills and build up their confidence to ensure they are ready to perform on stage.

For our youngest students in our DiscoverDance Program, we work on 11 concepts throughout the school year and students that begin in the spring will begin at concept 6 as opposed to concept 1. Not a big deal but certainly ideal for students to move through all the concepts in the program.

Where can I find tuition information for classes?
Please fill in our online contact form and we will send you the appropriate enrollment and tuition information.

Why isn’t tuition information posted on your website?
There is no one set fee for all classes. Tuition depends on the class the student is interested in enrolling in and that varies greatly depending on the age of the student, number of classes the student will be enrolling in and the length of enrollment. Our online form will ensure we have all the necessary information to ensure that each student understands their class enrollment options and receives the correct tuition packages for those classes.

I filled in the online form but haven’t received any information.
We will email you the requested information to the email address on your online form. You will need to check your spam, junk, promo, etc. folders for our emails as they may not always reach your inbox. If you still cannot find our email, please shoot us a message to info@breakoutdancestudio.com so we can reply directly to that message to ensure it reaches your inbox.

What is your studio schedule like?
We run our regularly scheduled classes on a semester basis that coincides with the school year. Fall semester generally runs September – December. We have a 3 week break over the holidays and the Spring semester generally runs January – May. During the summer months we do not offer regularly scheduled classes. We do offer summer camps in June.

No class dates throughout the semesters:
The entire week of Thanksgiving there are no classes.
One week in April there are no classes.
There are no classes the entire week of our recital performance for students in Kindergarten on up.

Do you offer payment plans for tuition?
Yes, we have fantastic Auto Pay Payment Plans to help break up those tuition payments! We know it can be challenging paying for tuition in full up front. Especially for those families with multiple children enrolled in dance or children enrolled in multiple dance classes.

What is the difference between the Silver and Gold tuition packages?
The Silver Package is for students that want to enroll for one semester only. Enrollment on a semester basis comes with a full tuition price and one free pass to our studio events for the particular class/classes students are enrolled in (Toddler Town, Party Night, CLI Studios Workshop).

The Gold Package is for students that want to enroll for the full school year, both the fall and spring semester, and comes with a lovely tuition discount on all enrolled classes and they will be granted all access passes to our studio events for the particular class/classes students are enrolled in.

Do siblings receive a tuition discount?
After the first child is enrolled under the same family, the registration fee will be waived for each additional sibling enrolled in classes. Other methods for receiving tuition discounts include enrollment in our Gold Package (full school year) and multiple class enrollment. The longer the enrollment and the more classes students are enrolled in, the greater the discount.

I don’t understand how tuition discounts work?
The longer the enrollment, Gold Package vs. Silver Package, the greater the discount.
Enroll in one class under the Gold Package and receive a full school year enrollment tuition discount.
Enroll in two classes under the Gold Package and receive a multiple class enrollment tuition discount stacked on top of the full school year enrollment discount.
Enroll in three classes under the Gold Package and receive a multiple class enrollment tuition discount on all three classes and full school year enrollment tuition discount.

Why do you require students enroll in a minimum of 1 hour of ballet or jazz at Breakout Dance Studio in order to enroll in Acro classes?
Acro class is strictly for our students serious about their dance education and advancing in Acro. It is meant to complement the other dance genres they are enrolled in and technique that can only be learned in ballet or jazz class is very important in order to develop and advance in Acro. We do have limited space availability in each class and want to ensure those spots are reserved for our most dedicated dancers enrolled at our studio. If you do not see a ballet class on our schedule that fits your child’s age or level, please shoot us a message for more ballet class options that align with our studio schedule.

What is the significance of your conceptual based DiscoverDance Program?
Our DiscoverDance Program’s unique conceptual approach means each lesson is centered around one of these 11 DANCE (<—- notice that? Not ballet. Not Jazz. Not Tap… DANCE) concepts: place, size, level, directions, pathways, speed, energy, weight, body parts, body shapes and relationships. By focusing on the essence of movement first, we build a solid foundation for the skills and movements needed to progress our specialized dance skills IN ANY STYLE OF DANCE.

My child loves to dance but I’m not sure if they are ready for or will like a dance class?
We hear this a lot. Especially regarding boys or regarding parents that want to enroll their children in hip hop classes. Regardless of the genre of dance, all genres of dance we offer at Breakout Dance Studio are still structured dance classes where students will be expected to attend class every week, arrive on time, be in proper dress code, be a good team player, have the ability to receive instruction regarding proper technique, rhythm, appropriate manners and classroom etiquette. If your child likes to freely dance on their own, that may not necessarily mean that they are interested in learning dance technique in a structured dance class.

Do you offer trial classes?
No, we do not offer trail classes as it takes far more than one class for students to get used to the classroom structure, the feel for dance class and work through that awkward phase and or emotional phase that almost all students will experience their first few weeks of dance class. You are welcome to come and watch a class prior to enrolling through our viewing windows in each of our studio lobby areas.

I’m not sure if I can make our schedule align with your class schedule.
If you cannot get you or your child to class on time each week due to a scheduling conflict, we prefer you do not enroll in that particular class. Please check for another class time that aligns better with your family’s schedule as it’s important students arrive on time each week to class.

Is there a dress code for class?

Yes, each class has a dress code and once online enrollment is complete, you will receive an email with a dress code doc for each class your child is enrolled in to ensure they are fully prepared for each class. Our Discover Dance Program and Acro Program students attend class bare foot and do not need dance shoes.

Do you offer daycare for siblings not attending classes?
No, we do not offer daycare services for student siblings that are not attending class. It is studio policy that all children not attending classes have a parent present with them at all times in our studio lobby areas. Parents are to ensure that children are behaving appropriately in the lobby area and any children and or family members that are disruptive in the building during class will be asked to leave the building until class has come to an end. We do run a tight ship here at Breakout Dance Studio and strive to provide a safe, calm, peaceful and welcoming environment for all of our studio families.

Do I have to remain in the building while my child is in class?
We do recommend that our students ages 4 and under have a parent in the building at all times. If you feel your child is all settled in and independent enough, you may leave the building during class time. Please be sure to arrive back in the lobby area as soon as class is finished as our young students get very nervous without mom or dad meeting them in the lobby after class.

Students in kindergarten on up are generally more independent and once they are used to the flow of our class schedule, parents are welcome to leave the building as we know this is an excellent time for you all to run errands!

Do you have a recital/performance at the end of the school year?
Yes, every year in May we have a mini performance just for our DiscoverDance students and a full recital for our students in Kindergarten on up. All classes at the studio will be performing in our shows at the end of the school year excluding our Discover With Me! (parent + tot) class.

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