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Associate Teacher Training Program

Who is this course for?

This course is for Breakout Dance Studio teachers interested in teaching acro, current Breakout Dance Studio class assistants and Breakout Dance Studio students interested in becoming future acro class assistants.

Program Layout

Through this program, you will learn the skills you need to confidently step into the studio and ensure your students can experience a safe, effective, and fun Acro class. You will learn the skills you need to work closely with your class’s main instructor to encourage and train strong technique in your acrobats. Through your role as an Associate Acro Teacher, you will not only have the opportunity to develop your skills as an assistant, but you will also learn how to eventually lead and run your own class should the opportunity present itself in the future.

In this course we will cover:

• Roles & Responsibilities
• The Foundations of Acro
• Acro Tricks & Spotting
• Lesson Planning

Course Benefits

• Reference Letters
• High School Credits
• Potential to elevate to teacher sub status
• Studio Discount on full ADTA Certification

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This was hands down, the best studio I could have ever wished to stumble upon! Jamie and her family are absolute rockstars! The effort and care that goes into each class, the way Jamie works with the kids, and the will to make the events so spectacular, have made it impossible to consider another studio for my family. My 1st grader went in there with no knowledge, never having choreographed or anything, and she can still perform her dances as though she just finished class. That is amazing to me and I’m proud every time she busts a move! And grateful for all the hard work Breakout put into it!

Maia F.

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