Open a new chapter in your child’s story.

Ignite that spark inside your child and watch their love for dance and creative expression grow all the while building life long friendships. Our dance culture nurtures our student’s individual personalities and will not only teach them the foundations of dance, but will instill discipline, dedication and confidence in a way that keeps them coming back for more!
Begin your child’s dance journey on the right foot through Breakout Dance Studio’s diverse dance programs that are available from the moment your child is walking!

All 5 of my children, ages 4-12 have taken classes over the last several years with Ms. Jamie at Breakout Dance Studio. Our family has participated in the Discover Dance program, Hip Hop, Tap and Ballet and every class has been excellent. Not only is the instruction very technically sound but Ms. Jamie and the other staff at Breakout have built real, lasting relationships with my children. They add a level of excitement and energy to the classes that has fully engaged all of my children at different levels of abilities and attention spans, boys and girls. I have been particularly impressed with the way the staff truly gets to know each child, how they learn and adapt their teaching to work for every child. This studio is far more than just a dance class, it validates children and meets them where they are and helps them grow as dancers, teammates and overall human beings.
– Richella P.

Have you heard about our DiscoverDance Program designed for kids ages 5 and under?

This conceptual based dance program is the perfect start to your child's dance journey!