ADTA Program

Breakout Dance Studio is excited to announce the addition of this fantastic Acro Program to our curriculum!

Acro Dance is an art form that incorporates the fluid movements of dance with the exciting tricks from acrobatics.

It is “gymnastics for dancers”, where students develop specific strength, flexibility and technique, to learn how to execute acrobatic tricks, to then be used in dance choreography.

The training students receive in their acro dance classes helps to reinforce the technique in all other dance genres.

Adding acro dance is next-level training that will develop a specific skill set, and creates well-rounded and versatile dancers.

Is there a difference between acro and gymnastics? YES! Watch this short video clip from the creator and founder of ADTA on the differences between acro and gymnastics.

Kinder Acro Program

Students can now begin their acro journey at Breakout Dance Studio at the age of 3! We will be adding the parent + tot class for 18 mo – 3 years in the future if we have a high demand for it.

Discover TOTs Acro (18mo-3 years)

This is a parent + tot class. Students will develop their gross and fine-motor skills; explore foundational acro positions; and learn how to follow instructions from a teacher, take turns, and have fun in the studio.

Discover Acro (3-5 years)

Students will develop gross and fine-motor skills and control, learn introductory acro body shapes and tricks, and develop kinesthetic awareness. At the same time, children will learn how to be in a class, and develop their focus, listening, and co-operative skills.

Pre-Junior Kinder Acro (5-6 years)

This is an “in-between” level that bridges the gap between Discover Acro and the Junior Division. Students will learn Developmental Tricks to set up their training foundation, plus Body Positions, Jumps, and Motor Skills Development items.

Junior Acro Program

Our Junior Acro Program is for all beginner acro students ages 7 on up. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of one hour of ballet or jazz class at Breakout Dance Studio and this year we are accepting new acro students in the fall as well as the spring semester!

Our Junior Acro students will develop strength, flexibility, stamina and confidence. All Junior classes are taught the same curriculum but will advance at different rates based on skill, age, discipline and mastering of their tricks, etc. Students will master body positions, handstands, bridges, rolls, cartwheels, balances, walkovers and so much more!!

The Junior Acro Program can take 1-3 years to complete depending on the age and skill level of each individual student. We will have a yearly in house testing day for students that are ready to progress on to our Intermediate Program.

Junior Program – A

This is a one hour class for our beginners ages 7 on up!

Junior Program – B

This is a one hour class for our beginners that are a bit older and/or may learn and progress at a faster rate.

Junior Program – C

This is an hour to an hour and a half long more progressive class for our older and/or more accelerated learners.

Intermediate Program

We will be launching our Intermediate Program in the fall of 2023!

We have dreamt of adding an acro program to our studio for years. When we found ADTA, we knew it was the perfect fit for our studio and the timing couldn’t be better! As a young and ever growing studio, this program will be an excellent addition to our students dance education and development!

Jamie Straatsma – Owner/Lead Instructor

Studio B, our beautiful new space for acro!

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