Our students may begin their dance journey with us once they have begun walking. Depending on their skill level and experience, students will be placed in class according to the age range of the class or by class level if they are 9 and older and advanced enough to begin with level one and higher. Students must be the minimum age requirement for classes by September 1st for that school year.

Class age groups are as follows:
walking – 3 years old – Discover with Me!
2-3 years old – DiscoverTOTS
3-4 years old – DiscoverDance 1
4-5 years old – DiscoverDance 2

6 & up – (Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop)
9 & up – Level I-III (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop)

Once students reach 9 years old and they are advanced enough, they will be placed in classes based on levels. Students must be 9 years old by September 1st for that school year to enroll in Level 1 or higher classes. Level placement is based on a student’s skill, coordination, discipline, work ethic, maturity and commitment.

Class levels are as follows:
Level 1 – Beginner
Level 2 – Intermediate
Level 3 – Advanced

Classes for ages 5 and under
Classes for ages 6 & up
Classes for ages 9 & Up

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Senior & Junior Company

Breakout Dance Studio company dancers are our most dedicated students committed to expanding their dance education in many genres of dance. They are the epitome of our studio values and greatly rewarded for their dedication and discipline. We have special events for company dancers only and allow them the opportunity to perform in local events, apprentice classes, receive scholarships, attend competitions and more!

Senior and Junior Company dancers are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 1 hour of semester based ballet classes per week and enrolled in jazz, tap and hip hop classes at Breakout Dance Studio.

Fall 2019 Semester

Tuition includes free passes for ages 3 and up to Party Nights with Breakout Dance Studio and free passes for ages 9 and up to CLI Studios Workshops for that semester.

The 2019 Fall Semester runs September 9th-December 13th
*No classes during the week of Thanksgiving. (November 25th-30th)

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