Tanana Lakes BBQ – Homeschool Hangout

April 30th 6-9pm

It’s time to Hangout outdoors!! We’re having a BBQ for all homeschoolers ages 9 and up at the Tanana Lakes Pavilion April 30th from 6-9pm! Please comment in the post you found this event or shoot us an email to info@breakoutdancestudio.com with food you will be bringing to help feed the crew!!

This is a parent free zone for all homeschool students ages 9 and up.

If your child has not attended one of our Hangouts before, please register your child today via this link!


Families must fill out the registration form before attending as we care greatly about each and every student and want to ensure we have appropriate contact information for each student! If you’ve previously attended one of our events, comment in the post feed or send us an email (info@breakoutdancestdio.com) with how many of your children will be attending and their names. Thank you!

Masks are not required to attend this event.