3pm & 6pm Recital FAQ

  • Do we have regularly scheduled classes the week of the recital? No we do not have classes the week of the recital so we have time to prepare for recital, rehearsals and take class photos.

  • Which show is my child performing in? All of our classes, excluding our Discover Dance classes, are performing in both the 3pm and 6pm shows.

  • Are there rehearsals? Yes, all students are required to attend rehearsals in their full costume, hair and makeup. Parents are responsible for getting students in costumes, hair and makeup for rehearsals. Please reference rehearsal information/schedule at the bottom of this webpage.

  • Do parents need to purchase tickets to watch their child perform? Yes, everyone has to have a ticket for each recital in order to enter the theater and watch performances. Tickets are digital and ticket holders will need to show their QR code for each ticket in order to enter the theater. You can print your ticket or show us your QR code on your phone screen so we can scan it.

  • Can we purchase tickets the day of the recital? Yes, you may purchase tickets at the theater via credit card as we will not have a cash till there.

  • Are parents allowed backstage? No. Parents are not allowed in the backstage area. Parents are allowed to assist students with costume changes in our pipe and drape dressing rooms we will have set up in the hallway to the left of the theater.

  • What time do we need to arrive to the theater? 45 minutes before the show begins.

  • Where are dressing rooms? We will have pipe and drape dressing rooms, one boys and two girls, set up in the hallway to the left side of the theater. Acro students and teens in more than one performance piece, excluding the boys, will be in the dressing rooms near the backstage area. Dressing rooms will be labeled accordingly.

  • Where are the bathrooms? Bathrooms are located in the front of the theater.

  • When is my child’s performance piece in the show lineup? Please reference our show lineup at the bottom of this webpage.

  • Will we be doing hair and makeup at the theater? No. Parents are to have student’s hair and makeup done prior to arriving at the West valley PAC. Please reference the hair and makeup details for your class below. Breakout Dance Studio is not responsible for getting student’s hair, makeup or costumes ready for show day or rehearsals.

  • Do parents have to remain in the dressing room area before their child’s class is ready to perform? No. We will have chaperones for classes when needed and students may be seated in the theater with their families until intermission depending on the show lineup and the number of pieces they are performing in. If there are no family members attending the show, students will be chaperoned in the dressing room area where we will have a movie playing until it is their time to perform. We will post in our class BANDs when parents may come in and sign out their children.

  • Do students have to stay in the West Valley PAC between shows? No. As soon as the 3pm show is finished, parents will need to sign out their children if they are leaving the building. If students are staying to join in on the potluck and festivities between the shows, parents are to remain in the building to supervise their children as we are not responsible for the whereabouts of students between shows.

  • Will you be video taping the shows? Yes, we will have several cameras recording all shows from various angles.

  • How much are the photos and videos of the recital? There is no extra charge for our class photos, performance photos or videos.

Hair & Makeup

We are looking for a light application of makeup for our students to highlight their features as their faces do get washed out in the bright lights on stage. A little blush, color on the lips and eyeliner/mascara will do!

Be Our Guest – Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap class (Fri 5:30pm):
Hair – girls – High bun, yellow bow hair accessory goes underneath the bun. For their tap piece, girls will take out the yellow bow and place the black polka dot bow on top of the bun.

Sweet Child Of Mine – Rising Stars Ballet/Tap class (Tues 5:30pm):
Hair – Low bun just above the hairline on the neck. Flower hair accessory will be placed on the top right side of the bun.

Party Rock – Hip Hop A class ages 5 & up (Wed 5:30pm):
Hair – girls – High pony tail

It Takes Two/Joy & Pain – Hip Hop B class (Tues 6:45pm):
Hair – girls – Half high pony tail.

Lose Yourself – Hip Hop C class (Wed 6:45pm):
Hair – Individual preference.

Wings– Jazz B class (Thurs 5pm)
Hair – Half high pony tail.

Bye Bye Blackbird– Jazz C class (Mon 5:30pm):
Hair – Low pony tail.

Jamming – Advanced Tap class (Wed 4:15pm)
Hair – Individual preference.

Class Photos- Monday, May 15th

Class photos will be taken at Breakout Dance Studio in Studio A.

Please have students arrive in full hair, makeup and costume for class photos 10 minutes prior to their class photo time slot listed below.
Class Photo Schedule:

5:00pm – Hip Hop A
5:20pm – Twinkle Stars
5:40pm – Kinder Acro
6:00pm – Rising Stars
6:20pm – Junior Acro
6:40pm – Jazz B
7:00pm – Jazz C
7:20pm – Hip Hop B
7:40pm – Adv Tap
8:00pm – Hip Hop C

Show Lineup

Fiber Optic Whips – Jamie Straatsma

Party Rock – Hip Hop A

Wings – Jazz B

Jamming – Advanced Tap

Sweet Child Of Mine – Rising Stars Ballet

Acro Circuit – all acro classes


CLI Studios Mash Up

Be our Guest – Twinkle Stars Ballet

Bye bye Blackbird – Jazz C

It Takes Two/Joy & Pain – Hip Hop B

Lose Yourself – Hip Hop C

Clap Your Hands – Tap Finale – all tap classes

REHEARSALS Friday, May 18th & 19th 5:00-9:00pm
West Valley PAC

This is a full dress rehearsal with costumes, hair and makeup. Thursday and Friday, May 18th and 19th 5-9pm at the West Valley Performing Arts Center. Students are to show up 15 minutes prior to their rehearsal time slot in their full costume and appropriate hair do and makeup for dress rehearsal. Costumes will be handed out to bring home the first week in May. If you arrive late for rehearsals, your child may miss our rehearsal time slot for that class. We cannot hold up our entire rehearsal schedule for any late students. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to their rehearsal time slot.


Please enter through the front, right side entrance. We will have sign in sheets for each class. Please sign in and sign out your child when you drop them off and pick them up. Parents and family members are not allowed in the theater during rehearsals. We will be using the BAND to notify families when their child’s class is finished with rehearsals. Parents will need to sign in their children when they drop them off for rehearsals and leave the building until they receive their BAND notification that their child’s class is finished. Parents with younger students in multiple class performances may remain in the dressing room area located in the hallway to the left of the theater during rehearsals if their child will need assistance changing between costumes.

Our schedule is listed below but please keep in mind that this schedule is fluid. We may have tech issues, class issues and or staging issues that alter our schedule a bit the day of rehearsals. We ask that you please remain patient and wait in your vehicles until you receive your BAND notification to enter the building. Please keep those notification settings turned on so you receive updates as to when each class is finished and ready for pickup. Thank you!

Thursday, May 18th

5:15-5:45pmParty Rock – Hip Hop A Class Wednesday 5:30pm 

5:45-6:15pmWings – Jazz B Class Thursday 5pm

6:15-6:45pm – Bye Bye Blackbird Jazz C Class Monday 5:30pm

6:45-7:15pm – It Takes Two/Joy & Pain Hip Hop B Class Tuesday 6:45pm

7:15-7:45pm CLI Mashup –  

7:45-8:15pm Lose Yourself – Hip Hop C Class Wednesday 6:45pm

8:15-8:45pmJamming – Advanced Tap

Friday, May 19th

5:15-5:45pmBe Our Guest – Twinkle Stars Friday 5:30pm

5:45-6:15pmSweet Child Of Mine – Rising Stars Tuesday 5:30pm

6:15-6:45pm – Group Tap Performance Twinkle Stars, Rising Stars, Advanced Tap

6:45-7:15pm – Acro Circuit All Acro Classes

7:15-7:45pm Wings – Jazz B Class Thursday 5pm 

7:45-8:15pmBye Bye Blackbird – Jazz C Class Monday 5:30pm

8:15-8:45pm – Jamming – Advanced Tap

I want to sincerely thank you all for being a part of this show, but most importantly a part of Breakout Dance Studio’s growing culture! We have experienced so much growth on many levels the past few years through some of the most challenging times. We will continue to persevere and adapt through these rough waters and truly appreciate each and every one of our studio families! Thank you all for your support!