Party Nights with Breakout Dance Studio!

One of our many perks of being a student at Breakout Dance Studio is access to our Party Nights! Party Nights are included in tuition and how many Party Nights you can attend for free depends on the package you are enrolled in. If you enroll in our full school year package, you will have free access to all of our party nights for the school year!

We’ll dish out some popcorn watch a movie and hang out with our fellow students and the teacher! It’s a great way for the kids and the instructor to get to know each other better outside the classroom structure.

We generally have our Party Nights on Saturdays every 4-5 weeks or so.

Students ages 3 and up enrolled in DiscoverDance 1 or higher can attend Party Night from 6-9pm and this is a parent free zone. This is a great time for parents to drop off the kids, have a night out on the town, curl up on the couch with a good book or get some much needed errands done!

What do we need to attend Party Night with Breakout Dance Studio?

You will need a sealed water bottle, stuffie/pillow and blanket to get comfortable on the studio floor for the movie and your party pants! Food from home is not allowed and please make sure water bottles seal even when the kids drink out of them. We have a lot of water spilled on the studio floor due to open top water bottles.

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