Discover Music

Breakout Dance Studio’s early childhood music program.

Did you know there is a critical period for auditory development (that lasts roughly until age 5 and tapers off rapidly during ages 6-8). During this time, we can give children a stronger sense of pitch through consistent and meaningful exposure to pitch.

Our Classes

We are excited to announce our new MUSIC PROGRAM, Discover Music, at Breakout Dance Studio! Children love to make music together and they will have the opportunity to do so at a very young age with instruments that are easy to play that they won’t want to part with! We’ll have 8 color coded desk bells for each student to play, provide all curriculum materials and offer an engaging and stimulating group class setting for up to 12 students in our new, beautiful, spatious Studio B on our second floor!

From as early as birth, your child is receptive to learning the language of music and we will have them singing, playing, and hand-singing their way to a music education in no time.

As your child moves through our musical curriculum, they will develop their musical ear by singing about colors, note names, Solfege and numbers. They will learn the musical hand-signs for each note, play simple one note studies, level up to intermediate 5 note songs, and eventually perform complex melodies from some of the greatest composers in history. We currently offer classes for children ages 3-12!

Discover Music 1A (ages 3-7)
Discover Music 1B (ages 7-12)
Discover Music 1-2B (launching fall 2022)

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Why music at such a young age?

Introduce your child to music lessons at an early age and you will stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math, and emotional development.

If your goal as a parent is to enrich your child’s education, unlock their creativity & self expression, and have some fun in the process, then you must consider enrolling in music lessons.