Thrill The World – Fairbanks

Want to learn Thriller, get in your best zombie gear and perform it in front of an audience with us? We know many of you have always wanted to do those iconic Thriller moves in full blown zombie mode where no one knows who you are. Come join us! We’ll teach you the dance right here at the studio!

Breakout Dance Studio will be performing Thriller live, simultaneously with the rest of the world at Halloween Trick or Treat Town in the Centennial Center Theater at 2pm and we want YOU to join us! We’re raising funds for Breakout Dance Studio’s future performance/event venues. From our big end of the year performances in May to our Teen Towns throughout the year, coordinating events and theater rentals are expensive! Help us help our students shine on stage and create spectacular Teen Town events for our Fairbanks area kiddos!

Registration is $15 for adults, $5 for children and $30 for families of 4 or more. This is for children and adults ages 5 on up. Registration will get you access to all practices and rehearsals in October to ensure you are fully confident in your Thriller skills for the event and ready to perform.
We’ll have Thriller practices every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:45-8:30pm at Breakout Dance Studio starting October 11th until performance day on October 29th. We will send you all the details after you register for the event. We hope to see you all on October 10th!

The Thriller performance will be in the Civic Center theater during Halloween Trick or Treat Town on October 29th at 2pm.