Acro Dance Packages

Our classes are run on a semester basis with a show at the end of the spring semester for all Acro classes. Our Acro classes will perform a circuit on stage for their show performance. Our fall semester runs September – December and our spring semester runs January – May. Our spring semester is generally a month longer than our fall semester.

We have several packages (options) for you to enroll your child in dance class. Please look over the details of the packages below and get back to us on which package you would like to enroll under so we may get you setup in our system with the appropriate discounts should you choose the full school year package and multiple class enrollment.

We encourage our students to enroll for the entire year so they can progress beginning in the fall with their fellow classmates and continue throughout the year advancing their acro skill set. There is much to learn and master and we want to ensure each acro student advances and succeeds at the best rate for each individual child. Attendance throughout the entire school year will ensure they have the best acro dance experience here at Breakout Dance Studio.

As you can see, we reward those families who do commit to a full year of classes which consist of enrollment in both the fall and spring semesters and a performance. 

We have a perk to our packages that the students just love! Our Party Nights w/Breakout Dance Studio! They are a favorite and help bring together all of our students and it has been a great addition to our events throughout the school year. The more committed you are to your dance education, the greater the reward and the higher the value of the package.

We do offer an Auto Pay – Payment Plan and can work with you on how you would like to set that up. Our online Parent Portal will give you the freedom to register online today and have access to your account information at all times. We also accept Direct Vendor Payments from our local homeschool programs.


Silver Package

Enroll on a semester by semester basis

– Discount on tuition for multiple class enrollment.
– 1 Pass to Party Night per semester

This package reflects pricing for enrolling just in the fall semester or just in the spring semester.

Party Nights with Breakout Dance Studio: $15 per event
Show Participation Fee: $35

Gold Package

Enroll for the full school year (both fall and spring semesters at once)

Package Includes:

– Discount on tuition for multiple class enrollment and stack another discount on tuition for full school year enrollment.
– All access pass to all Party Nights for the Fall and Spring semester
– End of year Show Participation fee waived.

This package reflects pricing for enrolling for the full school year (both fall and spring semester at the beginning of the school year).