Cold Blooded Revival – Welcome To The Circus!

Join us at the circus for a night of family friendly entertainment to benefit our scales and tails at Interior Alaska RAE Rescue – Fairbanks! Bringing our community’s local artists together as well as some of our rescues for the second time in our circus themed show this year to share our passion for animals as well as our passion for the performing arts!
Many local artists have come together to share their various performing arts in one big production to show their support for the many reptiles, amphibians and exotics that are in need of rescuing and rehabilitation in Alaska. We are incorporating everything from dance performances, aerial, singing and more from Breakout Dance Studio, Golden Heart Performing Arts, Lathrop Ballroom Dance Club, Cold Fusion, Kat Asse-Trofee and more!

Date/Time: May 25th – 2pm
Location: Edna Wise Firehouse Theater
$15 -Adult
$10 – Children 12 and under
2 and under are free

Tickets can be purchased at Breakout Dance Studio, Team Cutters or at the door the day of the show. We thank you for your support!